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Simple Micellar Face Cleanser 200ml
Caring for even the most sensitive skin, the Simple Micellar Face Cleanser is enriched with skin-loving ingredients to deliver an effective cleanse without stripping moisture. Infused with Triple Purified Water, the micellar water effortlessly dissolves make-up and prevents irritation whilst Vitamin B3 combats dryness. Your complexion is left soft, smooth and comfortable. Free from artificial perfume and colours. Dermatologically tested.
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Schick Intuition Renewing Moisture, Pure Nourishment, Sensitive care Women's Refill Razor Blades - 9 Count
Looking for a shaving and skin care routine without all the hassle? Schick Intuition puts the shave cream right on the razor! It's the first and only razor that lets you lather and moisturize during shaving in one easy step! No need for soap, shave gel or body wash.