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ShopSavvy Cash Back Terms of Service

Effective Date: 21 August 2017
ShopSavvy Cash Back Shopping Program

The ShopSavvy Cash Back program, operated by ShopSavvy, Inc. (“ShopSavvy”), a subsidiary of Purch Group, Inc. (“Purch”), provides members with the ability to earn cash back on any purchases completed through one of our 100+ retail partners. ShopSavvy is awarded a commission for referring its members to its partner retailers through the ShopSavvy mobile app or any Purch website labelled with “ShopSavvy” badging (collectively “ShopSavvy Sites”), and ShopSavvy uses a portion of that commission to reward its members. To learn more about our cash back program, keep on reading. Once you start using ShopSavvy, you'll realize how awesome it is.

By logging in via Facebook or creating a unique account on the ShopSavvy app or website and becoming a part of our community (“Member”), you are accepting these Terms of Service (the “Terms of Service”) and agree to be bound to them. The Terms of Service are supplemental to the Purch Terms of Use (the Purch Terms of Use, together with these Terms of Service, are collectively referred to as the “User Agreement”), to which you also agree to be bound by becoming a Member. If there is a conflict between these Terms of Service and the Purch Terms of Use, these Terms of Service will govern.

Becoming a Member

You must be a legal resident of and maintain a physical residential address in the United States to have a Member account with or otherwise participate in the ShopSavvy cash back program. Membership is restricted to participants 18 years of age and older, or the age of majority in the member’s resident state, whichever is older. Members must have a valid email address at all times and have internet access to retain membership and receive benefits and privileges associated with membership.

To become a Member, click Sign Up on the ShopSavvy app or Site and enter your email address and create a password. You can also join by linking your Facebook account. Regardless of how you sign up, you will need to provide an email address so that ShopSavvy can alert you when you have earned cash back from your eligible purchases as described immediately below (“Cash Back”). ShopSavvy reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to modify the User Agreement in whole or in part, at any time, and without prior notice. ShopSavvy encourages you to periodically read the ShopSavvy Terms of Service and the Purch Terms of Use to understand or recognize any modifications. By continuing to access or use ShopSavvy Cash Back after we have posted a modified User Agreement, you are indicating that you agree to be bound by the modified User Agreement. If the modified User Agreement is not acceptable to you, stop using ShopSavvy Cash Back.

Earning Cash Back
It's pretty easy to earn Cash Back. You find what you want on the ShopSavvy Sites, and by clicking from the ShopSavvy Sites to one of our partners’ websites, our partners will provide us with information regarding your eligible purchases so that we can give you Cash Back. The exact amount of Cash Back that you earn depends on each product that you purchase, and ShopSavvy will notify you of how much each product is worth in terms of Cash Back. Be aware that your Cash Back amount is based on your net purchase. This excludes taxes, fees, shipping, gift-wrapping, and warranties. Some of our partners exclude products from the Cash Back Program. ShopSavvy updates its databases accordingly, but is not responsible for outdated information or inaccuracies regarding the products that are included or excluded. In order to earn Cash Back, you must complete your purchase directly after clicking from the ShopSavvy Sites. If you visit other sites in between or are not signed into ShopSavvy when making your purchase, a partner might not be able to attribute your purchase to ShopSavvy and ShopSavvy might not be able to award you Cash Back. ShopSavvy and our partners identify and attribute your purchases to your Member account by using web “cookies,” so you must ensure your browser is configured to allow “cookies.” In order to be eligible to receive a Cash Back payment, you must earn more than five dollars ($5.00) worth of Cash Back. Your balance will remain in your account until you reach this amount.
Earning Bonuses & Other Rewards
ShopSavvy sometimes offers incentives in the form of monetary or other bonuses for becoming a Member, attracting new Members, or any other action ShopSavvy creates. If the terms and conditions of such incentives differ from the User Agreement, ShopSavvy will specify how at the point where such incentives are offered. ShopSavvy creates these incentives with the intention of generating new Members. Each person is only eligible for one sign-up reward or bonus and may only earn one referral-bonus for each person that is referred.
Receiving Payment
Below are the four payment periods at ShopSavvy. We pay our customers their balance every three (3) months:
Purchase Period Payment Date
January 1st – March 31st May 10th
April 1st – June 30th August 10th
July 1st – September 30th November 10th
October 1st – December 31st February 10th

Updating & Maintaining Your Account
In order to update or change any of your ShopSavvy account information you must be logged in to the ShopSavvy website. You can check your purchase history, recent Cash Back awards, and other information at any time by clicking on the My Account tab. You are responsible for managing your account information and keeping your password confidential. You agree that you will not disclose your password to any third party and that you will take sole responsibility for any activities or actions under your ShopSavvy account, whether or not you have authorized such activities or actions. You will notify ShopSavvy immediately of any known or suspected unauthorized access to, or use of your account. However, ShopSavvy is not responsible for any unauthorized credits or debits incurred through your account.
The collection, storage and use of your information is subject to the Privacy Policy.
Receiving Communications from Purch Perks
By becoming a Member, you give ShopSavvy permission to send you emails and/or newsletters that are relevant to your account. For example, notifications about receiving Cash Back via check or PayPal deposit will be periodically sent to you, as well as coupons and special discounts that ShopSavvy thinks you would enjoy. If you prefer not to receive coupon or discount emails, you can unsubscribe through the “Subscriptions” button on your account or by using the unsubscribe link included in such emails. You can't unsubscribe from account-related emails, however; you need those. If you do not wish to receive any email from us at any time, including account-related emails, you must cancel your ShopSavvy account. You can do so by contacting our customer service department at support@shopsavvy.com.
Inactive Member Accounts & Termination of Membership
Guess what! Becoming a Member is free! ShopSavvy won't even charge you to receive a check in the mail or a Cash Back payment. However, if your account is inactive for twelve (12) months (meaning that you don’t log into ShopSavvy during this time), a maintenance fee of two dollars ($2.00) will be deducted from your Cash Back balance. As soon as you log back into ShopSavvy again, ShopSavvy will reactivate your account. If your account balance reaches zero dollars ($0) and ShopSavvy cannot charge you anymore, ShopSavvy will delete your account. ShopSavvy will not continue to charge you after the account hits zero dollars ($0); you will not owe money to ShopSavvy.
User Conduct
By becoming a Member of ShopSavvy you agree not to steal or copy content, code, design or any aspect of ShopSavvy’s business concept for your own financial gain. If we feel that you have used ShopSavvy's content, code, design or business concept in your own business after becoming a Member, your account will be shut down and legal action may be taken under applicable l laws. ShopSavvy membership is subject to the User Agreement. Some partner stores may have additional terms and conditions, a privacy policy or other agreements which may apply when you make a purchase through those applicable stores. You are responsible for reviewing those terms before you make a purchase. If ShopSavvy finds you or anyone acting through your account to be in violation of the User Agreement, your account may be subject to termination and you may have to relinquish your Cash Back balance. The misrepresentation of your personal information, any abuse of ShopSavvy, or any fraud in regards to accrual or receipt of Cash Back rewards are all grounds for termination and/or legal action. If for any reason ShopSavvy feels that you have acted fraudulently, ShopSavvy reserves the right to withhold Cash Back payments. You hereby authorize ShopSavvy to review your account in any cases of suspected fraudulent actions.
Program Qualifications
The final decision as to whether a purchase qualifies for Cash Back rewards is in the sole decision of ShopSavvy. If a partner store does not record a transaction or does not reward ShopSavvy with the appropriate commission, ShopSavvy reserves the right to discard the Cash Back reward associated with the purchase. ShopSavvy is not responsible for lost or stolen gift cards, coupons, or Cash Back rewards and checks, even if such rewards are delivered to the wrong address. ShopSavvy is not responsible for any payment errors made by ShopSavvy or payment partners (e.g., PayPal). You must monitor your own account with regards to appropriate Cash Back rewards and payments to ensure accuracy. If you feel your account has been credited incorrectly, you have ninety (90) days to contact ShopSavvy about the discrepancy. If you feel that you have been improperly credited or your account is inaccurate, your only solution is to withdraw from the program. You may be subject to and are solely responsible for federal, state, and local taxes on your purchases and Cash Back receipts. ShopSavvy reserves the right to decide whether or not to inform you of instances when you will be taxed. Regardless, you are responsible for any and all taxes that result from purchases or member referrals. ShopSavvy is not responsible for the actions of any partner program, store, or policy changes that have an effect on the Cash Back rewards you may have earned. ShopSavvy is also not responsible for the cancellation or changes to any coupon or discount offered from a partner store.
Program Limitations and Disclaimers
The ShopSavvy Cash Back program does not come with a warranty. ShopSavvy is allowed to change or cancel the program at any time regardless of notification. ShopSavvy fully denies any and all warranties in regards to the ShopSavvy Cash Back program. ShopSavvy makes no guarantees regarding the truthfulness or quality of the products offered by partner stores. ShopSavvy is in no way responsible for any harm that may come to you or your computer based on access or inability to access ShopSavvy at any time. Member shall not hold any ShopSavvy subsidiaries, affiliates, officers, directors and employees accountable for any instances of harm or claims due to Member's use of the ShopSavvy Cash Back program.
If you have any questions, please contact us at support@shopsavvy.com.