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50% Dimensional Lighting

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Collapsible Jack-O'-Lantern Lamp By Ashland?
Purchase the Collapsible Jack-O'-Lantern Lamp By Ashland® at This fun jack-o'-lantern lamp by Ashland is perfect to brighten up your living space or the backyard for the Halloween.
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Gothic Candelabra By Ashland?
Get the Gothic Candelabra By Ashland® at Charming and elegant, this flickering gothic candelabra by Ashland is sure to be the center of attraction in your Halloween party.
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Spooky LED Tree By Ashland?
Buy the Spooky LED Tree By Ashland® at Enchanting and spooky, this LED tree by Ashland will make a great addition to your Halloween decor.
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Stacked Light Up Skulls By Ashland?
Get the Stacked Light Up Skulls By Ashland™ at This Halloween, give your guests a heads up of the horror coming their way with these four stacked light-up skulls by Ashland.
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Dropping Dangling Spider with Light Up Eyes by Ashland?
Bring on the scare and creepiness with this spider with light up, flashing red eyes.
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Small Grapevine Pumpkin with Lights By Ashland?
Get the Small Grapevine Pumpkin with Lights By Ashland® at This rustic grapevine pumpkin by Ashland makes the perfect decor accent for your fall-inspired decor.
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Haunted Spooky LED Tree By Ashland?
Buy the Haunted Spooky LED Tree By Ashland™ at Let this haunted tree by Ashland lend spooky vibes to your Halloween decoration.
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Large Grapevine Pumpkin with Lights By Ashland?
Purchase the Large Grapevine Pumpkin with Lights By Ashland® at Place this grapevine pumpkin by Ashland on your side table to lend some warm, fall vibes to your home.
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Acrylic Jack-O'-Lantern By Ashland?
Buy the Acrylic Jack-O'-Lantern By Ashland® at When your carving skills are not something you would be happy about, do not fret! This twinkling jack-o'-lantern by Ashland is here to save the day.
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Spooky Tinsel Tree By Ashland?
Get the Spooky Tinsel Tree By Ashland® at Let your spooky forest come alive this Halloween! This scary tinsel tree by Ashland is sure to send some serious chills down everyone's spine.