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Our Logo

The ShopSavvy brand guidelines are simple, but are meant to give our brand consistency across various media.

When you use our logo, please be sure to give it enough breathing room. We think that the width and height of the glyph is a reasonable measurement for how far away other content should be.

Also, please make sure that it appears in only ShopSavvy Green when displayed on a light background, White when displayed on a dark background, or 84% Black when displayed in a black and white format.

Full Logo
Full Logo - Green Full Logo - White Full Logo - Gray
Glyph - Green Glyph - White Glyph - Gray
#28a860 ShopSavvy Green
#ffffff White
#464646 84% Black


If you want to use a screenshot of our app, please use only our approved screenshots and ensure that the shots you choose are appropriate to the context they will be used in.


We're happy to offer some free "B-roll" footage for use wherever you'd like demonstrating ShopSavvy's use in the real world.