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Cabela's Men's Over/Under Fatigue Sweater with 4MOST WINDSHEAR?

For years, hunters and outdoorsmen have piled on the layers to protect themselves from the wind and cold, but now you can do it with just one versatile garment; our Cabela's Men's Over/Under Fatigue Sweater with 4MOST WINDSHEAR. The key to this all-purpose hunting sweater is the 4MOST WINDSHEAR lining. This revolutionary fabric is a special laminate-backed high-performance membrane that blocks wind, yet breathes to let perspiration vapor escape, keeping you dry and comfortable. Plus, it increases the insulation value without significantly adding to the weight or affecting the fit of the garment. The outer layer is constructed of 100% wool jacquard for all the warmth and long-wearing durability that has made wool a favorite among outdoor enthusiasts for generations. The traditional three-button styling allows for easy ventilation and versatility. Hand-wash cold or dry-clean. Imported. Chest sizes: M-3XL. Camo pattern/Color: Outfitter Camo™, Dark Mushroom.

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